Get your DBox Puzzle now! The Only Game Where You Build The Puzzle And You Find The Solution

Dbox is the puzzle of all puzzles! Built to challenge puzzlers of all ages and skill levels, Dbox is the only puzzle out there with endless possibilities. Not only are puzzlers able to solve endless premade puzzle challenges, but they are also able to create endless puzzles and solutions of their own at all levels of difficulty - to be shared with and to challenge puzzlers around the world! Dbox is dynamic, exciting, and always changing! If you aren't a Dbox addict yet, prepare yourself!
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About Dbox

Are You A Puzzler Looking For A Challenge?

Dbox was created to challenge all minds! No matter what level puzzler you are, Dbox encourages exploration and creativity with patented puzzle segments that let users build their own segments to solve existing puzzles and to create new challenges. As Dbox grows, so will its potential: as puzzlers around the world begin to solve Dbox challenges, more will be created!

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Dbox is different than any puzzle you have ever seen, with challenges you create and solve yourself - for endless Dbox challenges and solutions!

Click to see how Dbox works as well as see how to solve Dbox puzzles and create your own original Dbox challenges!

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